Easy Rocky Road

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Easy Rocky Road

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Melted butter, for greasing
125g milk coffee biscuits
250g pink and white marshmallows
100g packet red glacé cherries, halved
1⁄2 cup roasted hazelnuts, skinned, roughly chopped
750g milk chocolate melts

1. Grease a 25 x 16cm slice tin with butter and line with baking paper. Roughly chop biscuits and put in a large bowl.

2. Using wet scissors, snip marshmallows in half. Add to biscuit with cherries and hazelnuts, and stir until well combined.

3. Put 500g of the chocolate in a heatproof bowl and set over a saucepan of simmering water. Cook, stirring occasionally, until chocolate is melted and smooth. Remove from heat and set aside to cool for 5 minutes.

4. Pour chocolate over biscuit mixture and, working quickly, stir until well combined.

5. Transfer mixture to prepared tin and spread out evenly over base using a spoon.

6. Put remaining chocolate in a heatproof bowl and set over a saucepan of simmering water. Cook, stirring occasionally, until chocolate is melted and smooth. Spoon onto slice and use a spatula or spoon to spread out evenly.

Put slice in fridge for 1 hour, or until set. When firm, cut into 20 squares to serve.

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Pepper Leaf
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Philippa Hardy
Philippa Hardy
Been getting Pepper Leaf for 10 months now for our family of 4. We cannot fault it! Far superior to Marley Spoon in terms of: 1. quality of fresh produce and meat; 2. size portions of carb/protein/vege; 3. interesting recipes which are still appealing to children; 4. easy to follow cooking instructions for non-cooks; 5. personal customer service; 6. packaging that is mindful of the environment; and 7. value for money. Both husb and I work full-time in demanding roles and having fridge/freezer stocked with the meals for the week early on Sat helps stay sane. Please keep up the good work - we LOVE Pepper Leaf! PS. Our 14 year old daughter cooks the evening meal on a Wed, due to Pepper Leaf!
Alex Vamos
Alex Vamos
First timer! Could not be happier, just locked in my next round of weekly meals. Fuss free and fresh. :)
Barbara Harrison
Barbara Harrison
I love the variety of the meals and it certainly takes away the struggle of what to cook after a long day at work. With fresh ingredients supplied I know I'm eating healthy too. I've tried others but find Pepper Leaf better by far, both in the meals offered and excellent customer service.
Nicole Altman
Nicole Altman
I’ve been getting pepper leaf now for about 3-4 weeks. I was trialling two companies and pepper leaf beat the other company hands down! Their customer service is the amazing and they’re always happy to help with anything I need! My partner and I work until 5 so it makes it much easier coming home and having all the fresh ingredients and recipes ready to go!
Karen Wille
Karen Wille
Love our Pepperleaf. Takes the pressure off thinking about what to cook but still getting the enjoyment of cooking. Added benefit of cutting our supermarket shopping and food wastage down dramatically.
Nic Phillips
Nic Phillips
Outstanding quality and great choices available at Pepperleaf. Agree with others that customer service is outstanding - emailed once and received a reply within 1 minute that I could tell wasn’t automated (this was at 9pm!!) if it stays this way we will be very happy long term customers. Also have tried other meal deliveries but they don’t compare.
Mindy Meehan
Mindy Meehan
We are loving Pepperleaf after using Hello Fresh and getting so frustrated with the quality, particularly the mince and meat plus the meal repetition. Pepperleaf ingredients are much better quality and we are really enjoying all their meals.
Adrian Harvey
Adrian Harvey
I am extremely time poor on work days ago I started looking at meal delivery services, I wanted fresh, but the difficulty was I am one person. Then I found pepper leaf that has as plan for one person. It's been really great, I get home late, it takes me thirty minutes and the food is really fresh and great tasting. Highly recommended.
Michelle Thacker
Michelle Thacker
We've been getting Pepperleaf for a few months now. I had looked at some of the other meal kit companies but they did not suit as some of my family members are picky eaters. We get two meals a week and it is so much easier not having to think of what to eat every night. Love the Pepperleaf recipes and love the added extras we receive every now and then. We got some beautiful plums and peaches this time. Keep up the great work!
Fiona Farfalla
Fiona Farfalla
I would be lost without Pepper Leaf!! I have tried a couple of others before Pepper Leaf and they just don't compare! It is always a drama trying to figure out what to cook, with Pepper Leaf they do the thinking for me and everything that we eat is healthy and tasty! Pepper Leaf is easy and the recipes are great!! Would recommend to EVERYONE!
Barbie Hingston
Barbie Hingston
My favourite time of the whole week is when I open my Pepper Leaf box on a Saturday morning! I spend about half an hour sorting the ingredients into large or jumbo ziplock bags, one for each meal, with a colourful postit label inside the bag, put them in the fridge, and my shopping and meal planning are done for the whole week! I love that the foods all come trimmed for immediate use and there is NO wastage, and also that the veggies and meat are exceptionally fresh. I had not ever learned cookery, and the recipe cards' simple techniques have taught me many new and easy, tasty ways with food. The servings are ample and the balance of veggies and salad to meat is a healthy one. I'm impressed with the effort to have all packaging recyclable. Any tiny little glitches are always sorted graciously and as best as practicable. Twenty-six deliveries in, I'm a very happy customer.:D
Melissa Rokay
Melissa Rokay
Customer service is absolutely outstanding! Simon & the team do a wonderful job of ensuring everything is perfect. The food is always fresh & the recipe's are easy to follow. Can't recommend them enough!
Mellissa McGuigan
Mellissa McGuigan
We've been doing pepper leaf for about 6 months now. While sometimes there are typos or confusing instructions, Ive only had to email once when I couldn't work it out, and I got a response fairly promptly. I highly recommend p-leaf if you've got a busy life, or just want to try new recipe ideas. It's been fabulous for trying different flavour combos, having less food wastage, and adding new recipes to my collection. 10/10 do recommend!
Alex Lewis Gargett
Alex Lewis Gargett
We love our Pepper Leaf box every week. The simple healthy recipes with pre-portioned ingredients makes mid week cooking such a breeze (never realised how much time and brain power was absorbed in meal planning and shopping until Pepper Leaf started doing it for us!). But what truly sold us on Pepper Leaf is the quality of ingredients. They are so fresh and every meal is delicious as a result. This balanced against the time and energy saved makes Pepper Leaf great value for money.
Kate Hanrahan
Kate Hanrahan
Pepperleaf has never disappointed. The freshest ingredients and a variety of recipes ensures that my family is loving meal time. I do not miss the wasted time at supermarkets and love the extra time with my family.
Rebekah Lambourne
Rebekah Lambourne
Having tried all the other recipe/ingredients boxes in market I can tell you Pepper Leaf delivers the highest quality produce, the meat and fish are always next level and we love the recipes. I appreciate that they source their produce locally and that they're an Australian company. The prices are also really reasonable - I could never make that many meals for the price doing it myself at the supermarket. Awesome work Pepper Leaf �
Robert McCarthy
Robert McCarthy
So convenient! Fresh ingredients with easy to follow menu cards, recommend highly!
Raj Chandramouli
Raj Chandramouli
Great quality food. We were recommended from some food snob friends who use Pepper Leaf and after 3 weeks, we are very happy.

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