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The single best gift you can get for a new parent is the offer to give them a break whether it’s babysitting while they nap, cooking, cleaning, or just hanging out and having some adult conversation.

But if you can’t physically be there, here are 5 great gifts every new parent will appreciate.

1. Help!
There’s an amazing new service for new parents called M-Time (read ME time!) This is a clever combination of nanny and everything else you might like help with from cooking to running errands. Basically everything you could ask for as near hallucinagenic tiredness sets in. Check them out here.

2. A nappy bag that doesn’t look like a nappy bag
For those not in the know, nappy bags are a bulky disaster of way too many pockets and compartments. It’s the bag that design forgot. There are a few exceptions like the Skip Hop Pronto which unfurls into a change mat but looks totally normal.

Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station - Heather GreySkip Hop Pronto Changing Station - Heather Grey

3. Netflix
Enough said.

4. Bring in the sleep experts
Dr. Harvey Karp, aka ‘the baby whisperer’ teaches new parents foolproof methods to sooth their babies and get them to sleep. His book and DVD are primers any new parent should know.

5. Home cooked meals
No surprises here, we’re plugging ourselves! But seriously, we have had some lovely, touching feedback from new parents who have been gifted a Pepper Leaf subscription. They have loved having dinner planning and shopping taken care of, and having it on the table in about 20 minutes.



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